GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition


Board of Directors, Committees, and Annual Reports

Board of Directors

The GNSC Board of Directors is a great way for us to share ownership, power, and responsibility while making decisions together. Our goal is to balance roles and experience in an effective way to bring everyone’s skills and expertise to the table. Our Board is comprised of 5 Neighbourhood Group representatives, 5 Partner organization representatives and 2 At-Large members.

We are fortunate to have such a strong group of people helping to govern the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition:

Neighbourhood Group Members


Joy Sammy, The Junction NG


Stewart McDonough, Sunnyacres NG, Co-chair


Erin Aspenlieder, Rickson Ridge NG, Secretary


Naima Mohamood, Onward Willow NG

Partner Organization Members


Kate Vsetula, GCHC, Co-chair

Sony Brar, WCDSB

Krista Sibbilin, CMHA

Megan Harron, CFGW

Shea Dahuja, F&CS

At-Large Members

Ishan Angra, Member-At-Large


GNSC-2022-Annual Report

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