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About the GNSC

The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition is a network of neighbourhood groups, sponsoring agencies and program partners. These three groups work together to share resources, ideas, and answer questions as well as help each other work towards a strong neighbourhood group coalition in Guelph. Members of the neighbourhood groups meet quarterly to share successes and discuss difficulties, working together to solve problems and bring ideas back to their own neighbourhood groups. Likewise, partner organizations that are part of the GNSC meet quarterly to talk about different ways to support the needs of the neighbourhood groups, allocating resources such as financial support, training, and more as needed. 5 members from each group come together to help form the Board of Directors which governs the GNSC.

Each neighbourhood group operates in an autonomous way at the grass roots level to meet the needs of children, youth and families that have been identified within the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood groups are born from excited and passionate members of the community who are driven to see their neighbourhood grow together. These volunteers are deeply rooted in their community, and as such have a good understanding of what their neighbourhood wants and needs. The neighbourhood groups are the heart of the coalition and none of the other parts of the coalition would work without them.

Through the Coalition, the neighbourhood groups bring together their collective resources to share information, provide support, distribute available funding resources and advocate for community issues. The goal of the coalition is to amplify the voices of each neighbourhood group, and bring them together as a collective voice for positive change.

The neighbourhood groups and GNSC have ongoing contact through panel discussions, town halls, monthly leadership meetings. The GNSC can then work with the neighbourhoods to help determine the solutions and actions that are needed, at which point the GNSC moves into a supportive role. Sometimes there’s a collaborative solution that crossed neighbourhood boundaries and the GNSC can bring different groups together.

Interested in learning more about the GNSC? Check out our mission, learn more about how we operate, meet our board and amazing staff, or learn about our partner organizations.

The GNSC is a registered charity #845103043RR0001