GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition


Equity Statement

As an organization we are committed to creating and fostering safe, inclusive spaces for all members of our communities.  We hold diversity and equity practices as foundational in our coalition. We strive to make our programs, spaces, and practices equitable and inclusive.  We acknowledge that discrimination occurs on individual and systemic levels to further marginalize designated groups.  Our organization is open and welcome to individuals and groups regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, nationality, place of origin, colour, ethnicity, culture, citizenship, mental health, religion or faith, socio-economic status or marital status. We want to celebrate the notion of difference, as it only strengthens our individual and collective decision making ability and the richness of our neighbourhoods.

We commit to:

  • Creating safe and inclusive environments for people to meet and discuss and share ideas freely, fostering mutual understanding, respect and growth.
  • Provide ongoing learning in equity and diversity, at individual, organizational and community levels.
  • Strategic engagement with diverse members of our communities.
  • Building transparent, equitable, and accountable relationships and systems.
  • Working with people from within our organization and from the larger community to keep up to date with language.
  • Ensuring equitable and inclusive behaviours, practices, policies, with regular review.
  • Dedicating resources, time, and/or funds, to equity and inclusion.
  • Recognizing and celebrating Guelph’s rich diversity and vibrant neighbourhoods.