GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition

Welcome to the new GNSC website!

Welcome to the new GNSC website!

August 31, 2015

Welcome to our new Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition website (we know, it has been a long time coming). We are so excited! It looks great and has so many cool features.

Check out our searchable program and events calendar. Want to know what is happening at Brant Avenue this month? No problem. Want to check out what food programs are available in your Neighbourhood Group? No problem.

Wonder what Neighbourhood Group you are in? Just head over to our interactive map and enter your postal code. A pin will drop and let you know. You can then click through to find out more about the group. Who they are, where they are, what they do, and how you can get connected.

You can learn all about this amazing organization, how it works, who is involved and how you can get involved (job opportunities, volunteer opportunities…)

Keep up on GNSC news through our Twitter feed, our blog posts, our newsletter and our media posts (we were recently featured on Global News!)

Once you see all that is happening and how amazing the Neighbourhood Groups and Partner organizations are we are sure you will want to bring your own passions and skills to our work. Of course, you can always donate to any of the awesome programs that are supporting the community (healthy snack programs, community back pack program, North End Harvest Market…). Plus, you will get a charitable receipt!

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you. What you like, what you want to see or even just to say hello! Keep coming back. There will always be new things happening and ways for you to join in on the fun.