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Hidden Histories Hits Guelph Film Festival!

Hidden Histories Hits Guelph Film Festival!

October 22, 2015

The Guelph Storytelling Project is a new initiative that started this year and has been working to document the “Hidden Histories” of the Two Rivers and Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Groups. Erin MacIndoe Sproule has been leading the project since the summer and we are really excited to announce that this year’s Guelph Film Festival will be featuring 8 filmmakers from the project! Sandy Clipsham, Nick Craine, Jeremy Shute, Dawn Matheson, Elia Morrison, Erin MacIndoe Sproule and Pandora’s Sox will all be in the spotlight at this year’s festival.

If you’re interested in watching these local filmmakers in action, there will be screenings held on November 2nd at Tytler Public School from 7-8:30pm and again on November 3rd at 394 Auden Road from 7-8:30pm. The screenings are free and open to everyone. If you’d like to check out a trailer of the films, you can do so over at Please share around Guelph! We want to let everyone know what an amazing project this has been and share the success of these local artists. If you’d like more information on the project, you can always get in touch with Erin by email

A huge congratulation to Erin as well as all the folks at the Guelph Film Festival, Ed Video, Two Rivers, and Grange Hill East! We are super proud of everything that you’ve accomplished this year! A special thanks to the Guelph Community Foundation for all of their generous support in making this project a reality.