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Neighbourhood support coalition applauded

Neighbourhood support coalition applauded

October 24, 2015

I can’t imagine waking up every morning to a family of 14 — all having totally different personalities.

I am not talking 14 people, I am talking 14 neighbourhoods with many diverse people in each neighbourhood.

Brendan Johnson, executive director of the Guelph Neighourhood Support Coalition, does just that every day along neighbourhood development supervisor Dan Evans, while also supporting their own truly fabulous families.

These gentlemen are true heroes for the amazing “aha” moments and celebrations they help each of the groups to achieve, as well as guiding their community residents to become wonderful community leaders and advocates for change to better their quality of life and make their neighbourhoods vibrant.

Along with the neighbourhood groups, Brendan and Dan support many other community projects such as the North End Harvest Market and The Seed Community Project, while offering lots of supports and workshops and training opportunities.

They carry the coalition in their back packs and community spirit and love in their hearts.

Thanks guys for being true community heroes by helping to create safe, healthy and fun places for us to raise our children and help our families grow to be the heart of Guelph’s Caring Communities.

Check out the amazing work of the coalition on their brand new webpage at

Barb McPhee



This article was originally posted in the Guelph Mercury