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Neighbourhood Panel

Neighbourhood Panel

The Neighbourhood Panel is an important group within the GNSC that is made up of elected representatives from the Neighbourhood Groups. The Panel meets regularly to share successes, troubleshoot problems, and stay in touch. It is a great way to stay connected with different groups from across the city and learn how each other are doing. Interested in reading more? Click here to learn about the role of the Neighbourhood Panel and how it interacts with the other groups within the GNSC.

  1. Barb McPhee, Chair, OWNG

  2. Zahid Nasir, GHENG

  3. BANG

  4. KHNG

  5. TRNG

  6. Michelle Wall, HCNG

  7. Kathy Watts, SGPNG

  8. Joy Sammy, The Junction

  9. Kate Nixon, Your Downtown Neighbourhood Friends

  10. OWNG

  11. Michele Altermann, PGNG

  12. Patti Holmes, EPNG

  13. Erin Aspenlieder, RRNG

  14. Farrah Trahan, NRNG

  15. Stewart McDonough – SANG

  16. SENGG