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GHENG and Life Gears Academy

GHENG and Life Gears Academy

September 7, 2018

This is a post from the GHENG Neighbourhood Support Worker, Jen Terry.

The Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group and Life Gears Academy teamed up this summer to create an engaging week of camp for some of the kiddos in our community! It was a fun, hands-on week that encouraged the kids to work together and engage in some STEM based activities (That’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — all done interactively). The participating families were so grateful for this opportunity and the kids that attended the week are begging for another camp!

The Grange Hill East NG sends out huge thanks to The Life Gears Academy staff for creating such a wonderful program and for being so willing to adapt to this kids’ interests and needs. The NG would also love to give a shout out to our amazing volunteers who helped make the camp such a success! Life Gears Academy has been so generous in supporting many members of our community this summer, and we are eternally grateful. We hope to continue to build this partnership in the coming years!

In order to make affordable, accessible camps like this possible for people in our community, we are always looking for sponsors to help out. For more information, please contact Neighbourhood Support Worker Jen Terry at Here are a few special moments from our week :).