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Garden Surplus Success!

Garden Surplus Success!

August 17, 2018

A huge thanks to Ida and her friends and family for a great success story! Ida decided to start donating her vegetable garden surplus to the North End Harvest Market and got some others on board as well 😉

“Two weeks ago I decided to start delivering my garden surplus to the North End Harvest Market. Thinking it would be a couple of handfuls of herbs, some zucchini and a bit of lettuce, my original plan was to deliver it by bike. Last week was my first week and thanks to the generous donations from friends and neighbours we had to take the car. This week it has ballooned further, which made me realize … if I want this to happen without driving I’ll need a trailer from Guelph-based Wike Bicycle Trailers. So… ! If I can donate produce, all grown in Guelph backyards, equivalent to the weight of your president Bob Bell, will you commit to the Harvest Market’s “adopt a week” program and donate $600 to fund a week of produce for struggling families? You can think about it, but I’m starting my count now!” (originally posted here)

Week 1
The Chvostek family: 2458g
Sarah Klein Geltink: 2359g
Liz SK: 831g
TOTAL: 5648g/12.45lbs

“What an amazing week, not only did Wike Bicycle Trailers and Bob Bell agree to donate $600 to the North End Harvest Market if we can collect enough vegetables to match Bob’s weight, but I was also overwhelmed by the positive response the project got from pretty much every single person who heard about it! As a result, a number of new amazing people dug deep into their gardens and donated everything from herbs to beans to pattypan squash. Not to mention that Sarah donated what can only be described as a zucchini baby (>6lbs!). In fact, we got so much produce this week that we needed TWO wikes to deliver it all! At this point we’re at more than 54lbs and I think Wike should start thinking about printing those donation forms! And I think Bob can eat as much pizza as he wants.” (originally posted here)

Week 1: 5648g / 12.45 lbs

Week 2: 19172g / 42.18 lbs
The Chvostek family: 2363g
Sarah Klein Geltink: 6201g
Liz SK: 1381g
Amie Melnychuk: 555g
Mala Persaud: 1251g
The Martin family: 7134g
The Soltys family: 287g

TOTAL: 24820g / 54.72 lbs