GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition



Partner Organizations

The following organizations make up the partner panel of the GNSC. For more information about the role of the partner panel, click here to learn more about how the GNSC works.

Partners that have joined the GNSC have done so because they wish to be closer to their community and to work directly with the community members. Their goal is to help nurture neighbourhoods in whatever ways are needed.

Partner Panel

The Partner Panel is a group of representatives for our partner organizations that meet regularly to contribute their voice to the GNSC. Click here to learn more about how to partner panel works with the other groups in the GNSC.

  1. Alex Goss, City of Guelph
  2. Erin Harvey, F&CS
  3. Olabanji Akinola, Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington
  4. Todd Goodwin, WCDSB
  5. Andrew Seagram, UGDSB
  6. Brett Friesen, CMHA
  7. Kate Vsetula, GCHC
  8. Arif Hasham, Police Services
  9. Stuart Buemer, County of Wellington
  10. Jennifer MacLeod, WDG Public Health
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