GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition


Mission and Vision


We support neighbourhood groups that are inclusive, engaging, responsive and build a sense of belonging.

For the GNSC, our mission is to have groups and activities look, sound, and feel like the community in which they live. Each neighbourhood group should reflect the community that surrounds them, while working to embed policy and process that ensures accessibility, understands diversity, and teaches about inclusivity. The GNSC can help neighbourhood groups shape themselves to be representative of their whole neighbourhood while also being part of something larger across the city. We can also nurture and guide the neighbourhood groups to ensure they are developing and delivering programs and events that are truly meeting the needs of the community.


A healthy, safe community where everyone feels at home

Charitable Goals:

1. Support participation in neighbourhood life

2. Support and create opportunities for neighbourhood leaders to flourish

3. Create engaged communities that support local action

4. Create healthy, inclusive communities that reflect diversity

5. Reduce the impact of poverty and promote equity of access to resources and supports