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Phi Hoang

Name: Phi Hoang

Neighbourhood Group: Two Rivers
Position: Camp Leader
Favourite Food: I LOVE to eat meat! Steak, bacon, chicken, lobster, crab, mmmm yummy
Hobbies: Some of the things I love to do are: binge watching TV shows, going on walks/hikes, looking for waterfalls, getting coffee with friends
Favourite Game: Monopoly and UNO
Favourite Non-Camp Song: Man of Sorrows by Hillsong
Dream Job: Social Worker – I love working with people and helping them overcome struggles that they may face. I believe that being a social worker would better equip me with the tools that I need to help empower others. As well, in the social work field, you are always learning from the people you work with – what’s better than free education, right? 😉
Favourite Part of Summer: My favourite part of summer is having a beautiful day to go up to Owen Sound with my best friend and looking for waterfalls in the area. It’s just a lot of fun for us to make a sandwiches… mmm cheese bread, turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, and all the good stuff… yummy; and we get to have nice chats during the drive and go for walks/hikes for a while. We usually get a chance to go to thee beach while we are up there too. It’s a good way to spend a nice day … you should try it!

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