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Our Staff


Administrative Staff

The role of the administrative staff at the GNSC is to listen to, and support the activities of the Neighbourhood Groups in their Assets Based Community Development work.  We help to provide funding, problem-solving, human resources and administration support, and service delivery support, all customized to the approaches each team of volunteers is taking in their engagement work.

Brendan Johnson, Executive Director

Dan Evans, Neighbourhood Development Supervisor


Neighbourhood Support Workers and Program Staff

The Neighbourhood Support Workers, Neighbourhood Group Assistants, and Program staff are the on-the-ground staff: the connectors who make conversations, services, events, and programs happen. They are the hearts and hands of the Neighbourhood Groups, sparking and supporting grassroots actions and programming; mobilizing community assets, helping community members navigate social services; and advocating alongside, or on behalf of the community. Please feel free to reach out to these amazing people with any questions.

Neighbourhood Support Workers

Lynne Tottenham-Kloostra, Brant Avenue NG

Jen Terry, Grange Hill East NG

Jordan Delfs, The Junction NG

Leone Schadenberg, Kortright Hills NG

Caroline McCullough, North Riverside NG

Susan Stauffer, Onward Willow NG

Sally Belogus and Sarah Vincett, Parkwood Gardens NG

Alisha Arnold, Two Rivers NG


Neighbourhood Group Assistants

Nicole Hammond, Brant Avenue NG

Shaun Brown, Onward Willow NG

Lori Jamieson, Onward Willow NG (Currently on Leave)


Program Staff

Kennedy Dolby, Andrew Gillette, Hannah Pearson, Grange Hill East NG

Jolanta Rusiniak, Nasim Chowdhury, Emily Morneau, Kortright Hills NG

Kennedy Dolby, North Riverside NG

Dana Nuttley, Onward Willow NG

Sarah Vincett, Parkwood Gardens NG

Jen Britton, Lisa Conroy, Two Rivers NG

Sarah Stubbs, GNSC and Rhyze on the Road

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