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40 kids will get bikes because these employees made quality products

Posted in Guelph Today on December 14, 2017

Brendan Johnson, executive director Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, said the bikes are a generous gift and will go to families in need 283 by: Kenneth Armstrong For the second year in a row, a local manufacturer is donating dozens of bicycles to children in need across the community. Denso Manufacturing Canada, Inc. ties the bike […]

Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition gets its funding increase, but it comes at a cost

Posted in Guelph Today on December 5, 2017

Funds will be taken from the city’s affordable housing reserve for the next two years by: Tony Saxon The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition got the funding increase it was seeking from city council Tuesday afternoon, but it came at a cost. Council agreed during final budget deliberations to give the GNSC, a non-profit group that […]

Community focuses on doing its part to help address Ward 2 issues

Posted in Guelph Today on December 1, 2017

People are frustrated and scared about what’s happening in their community, town hall meeting hears 31 by: Tony Saxon “We need to get some shit done.” That was the exclamation point put on a town hall meeting Thursday night to discuss and address possible solutions to issues facing neighbourhoods just north of Downtown Guelph. Saying […]

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