GNSC - Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The GNSC Board of Directors is a great way for us to share ownership, power, and responsibility while making decisions together. Our goal is to balance roles and experience in an effective way to bring everyone’s skills and expertise to the table.

We are fortunate to have such a strong group of people helping to govern the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition:

  • Erin Harvey, F&CS, Co-chair
  • Michele Altermann, Parkwood Gardens NG, Co-chair
  • Treasurer
  • Helen Fishburn, CMHA, Secretary
  • Jennifer MacLeod, WDG Public Health
  • Michelle LeBon, Grange Hill East NG
  • Jeff DeRuyter, Police Services
  • Barb McPhee, North Riverside NG, Onward Willow NG
  • Linda Beale, Brant Avenue NG
  • Patti Holmes, Exhibition Park NG
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